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The Teksticap is a Festicap with your own text and is custom made for you. So the delivery time varies between 3-5 business days.
Teksticap is without a doubt the most unique Festicap because you decide what’s on it. Tell us the text you want on your Festicap and gift it to your entire Rave crew or to that one special friend!


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How do I order a Texticap?

Select the color you desire. Select if you want one Texticap or an entire multipack of four, six or twelve identical Texticaps. (Multicaps are cheaper)

Select the desired letters and punctuation marks. Letters, numbers, spaces, ! ? ; @ # $ € – and ★ can be used. Other symbols may not work, we aren’t liable for missing deviant symbols in the product.

How do you use the Festicap?

It is pretty straightforward, You rotate one side of the Festicap onto the neck of the bottle, just like a normal bottle cap. There are only two different sides on a cap, which fit most of the bottles out there. Does one side not fit? Try the other side. The bottle will be securely locked so that you can dance, run and jump without a single worry about that creepy neighbour of yours, who wouldn’t think twice about slipping a few pills into your drink.

Which bottles are suitable?

  • Sourcy 0,5l
  • Chaudfontaine 0,5l
  • Chaudfontaine 0,33l
  • Spa 0,5l
  • Coca Cola/Fanta/Cassis 0,5l
  • Coca Cola/Fanta/Cassis 1,5l
  • Crystal Clear 0,5l

Additional information

Weight 0.018 kg

Midnight Black, Burning Red, Fluor Pink, Original Blue


1 TekstiCap, 4 TekstiCaps, 6 tekstiCaps, 8 tekstiCaps, 12 tekstiCaps


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