The Festicorn is incredibly pink and magically blocks all the dirt and dust from landing on your beloved bottle. You don’t have to smuggle caps to festivals any longer, just close your bottle with a mythical creature. Oh, don’t you dare saying that you don’t want that!




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How do you use the Festicap?

It is pretty straightforward, You rotate one side of the Festicap onto the neck of the bottle, just like a normal bottle cap. There are only two different sides on a cap, which fit most of the bottles out there. Does one side not fit? Try the other side. The bottle will be securely locked so that you can dance, run and jump without a single worry about that creepy neighbour of yours, who wouldn’t think twice about slipping a few pills into your drink.

Which bottles are suitable?

  • Sourcy 0,5l
  • Chaudfontaine 0,5l
  • Chaudfontaine 0,33l
  • Spa 0,5l
  • Coca Cola/Fanta/Cassis 0,5l
  • Coca Cola/Fanta/Cassis 1,5l
  • Crystal Clear 0,5l

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Fluor Pink


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