What is a Festicap?

Festicaps are made in a wide variety of extravagant colours: from Cacti-green to Flamingo- pink. Get your Festicap and safely close a bottle in style, so that you can enjoy seeing your favourite band perform live, without spilling water everywhere.

A Festicap is a universal bottle-cap. Perfect for serious party animals, because everyone has been through the endless struggle of holding your phone in one hand, while your other hand is desperately trying to keep your drink from sloshing over the edge.

Festicaps are 3D-printed with biodegradable materials. You obviously pay maximum attention to not losing your stuff and won’t ever lose your awesome Festicap, but they’re such a collectable that in the catastrophic event of dropping one, chances are that someone else ends up taking them home and gives it a second life. If that doesn’t happen, don’t fear! Our Festicaps are biodegradable and dissolve over time, so you won’t have to worry about the polar bears.

How do you use a Festicap?

You rotate one side of the Festicap onto the neck of the bottle

Just like a normal bottle cap. There are only two different sides on a cap, which fit most of the bottles out there. Does one side not fit? Try the other side. The bottle will be securely locked so that you can dance, run and jump without a single worry about that creepy neighbour of yours, who wouldn’t think twice about slipping a few pills into your drink.

Which bottles are suitable?

  • Sourcy blue 0,5l
  • Sourcy red,5l
  • Chaudfontaine blue 0,5l
  • Chaudfontaine red 0,5l
  • Chaudfontaine blue 0,33l
  • Spa blue 0,5l
  • Spa red 0,5l
  • Coca Cola/Fanta/Cassis 0,5l
  • Crystal clear 0,5l