Our story

Get your freak on! Get your Festicap!

We really like festivals, but we hate the fact that every festivals sells bottles without bottle- caps. Bottles that tumble over, splosh their contents over the edge or get dirty. Which all results in the same activity: you have to join that endless queue again to get a new one. There’s an easier way!

We got so tired of trying to find out what brands of bottles they’re selling on our favorite parties and festivals, keeping a wide variety of caps in the pockets of our jeans to make sure that we at least bring one useful one. Quit searching for a suitable festival-cap! You can easily bring this keychain that fits on almost every bottle!

We looked for the most common bottles at parties and festivals to realize our idea of creating an universal bottlecap keychain. You won’t ever have to ‘smuggle’ caps with you anymore. A keychain, as long as they’re on your keyring, can’t get taken away by security.

Don’t worry about losing your Festicap. The caps are made out of 3D-printed biodegradable materials and aren’t harmful to the environment. Festicaps are not only useful, but they also make the perfect collectables. We make small quantities with unique and clever versions of our Festicaps, like the Texticap and the Festicap Pro. With one of those you’ll always have a special present for your partying friends. Or for your own collection of course.

Festicaps are a Dutch invention made in the Netherlands. The country of famous DJ’s and festivals. But they’re available all around the world now! Get your Freak on! Get your Festicap!

100% Biodegradable

Festicaps are 3D-printed with biodegradable materials. You obviously pay maximum attention to not losing your stuff and won’t ever lose your awesome Festicap, but they’re such a collectable that in the catastrophic event of dropping one, chances are that someone else ends up taking them home and gives it a second life. If that doesn’t happen, don’t fear! Our Festicaps are biodegradable and dissolve over time, so you won’t have to worry about the polar bears.